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Council for Standards and Education Reform (CSER)

WEF’s global rating mechanism has been evolved by incorporating standards and best practices from around the world. While the ratings are calculated by a proprietary algorithm that ensures absolute neutrality, the Council for Standards and Education Reform (CSER) is responsible for evaluating school applications and granting certification.

Comprised of eminent educators and global experts, a team of three CSER experts provide guidance in evaluating and certify every application. To ensure objectivity, the members of the Council evaluating the applications are kept confidential.

The role of CSER will be:

  • Establish guidelines for evaluation and certification of schools.
  • Govern, review and publish rating-standards at regular intervals.
  • Provide oversight and be the final rating and certification authority for each school application.
  • Provide guidance to technical committees and regional secretariats.
  • Liaise with Governmental and Non Governmental agencies for capability building initiatives in the area of education.
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