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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Questions about using our site

How do I find a school rating on your site?
Our search engine will help you identify a school by name or keyword by simply using the search feature found in the box located at the top of every page. You can then refine your search by using the ‘Filter Your Search Results’ function located on the left-hand side of the search results. The tool enables you to filter by location, rating and other parameters.
Additionally, you may wish to try our advanced search feature or explore an alphabetical list of the thousands of schools we have evaluated.
Which schools do you evaluate?
We cover kindergarten, primary, elementary and high schools. We have recently launched our India operations to extend WEF’s rating platform to Indian schools.
How can I compare school ratings?
First, you must be a Registered User to access the school ratings comparison feature. Once logged in, you have several ways to compare schools. You can compare schools within any listing of search results by simply clicking on the schools that you wish to compare and then clicking the ‘Compare Schools’ button at the top of the search results. This method enables you to compare up to five schools. Alternatively, you can select favourite schools and compare them from the ‘My Schools’ page.
Become a Registered User now. (a link here for people to register with the following fields:
Name, age, sex, address, occupation, interest in WEF, username, password and catch)
What are the benefits of registration?
Tools for registered users are designed for parents, school boards and funding agencies who want to take a more in-depth look at the education sector. Registration allows you to access expanded features including the ability to create a personalized portfolio of schools, see more in-depth data on your favourite schools and compare their performance to other schools across the country. Registered users also receive our monthly newsletter keeping them informed on new trends in schools. Should you choose to not register, you will still have unlimited access to our thousands of free school ratings.
If you haven’t already done so, become a registered user now.
How can I review prior ratings?
To review a school’s prior ratings, you will first need to become a registered user. Then simply click on the ‘Historical Data’ tab located towards the top of the school’s ratings page next to the ‘Current Rating’ tab.
How can I share a list of ratings with others?
We offer an easy way to share your research with others. First, you must be a ‘Registered User’ to access the ‘My Schools’ and ‘Share my Schools’ features. Once logged in, you can begin to create personalized lists of schools by clicking on ‘Add to My Schools’ on any school’s ratings page. Finally, to share one of your groups with your friends and family, go to the ‘My Schools’ section and click on the ‘Share This List’ link. A new window will pop up asking you to enter the recipients’ email addresses along with a personalized message.
I requested that WEF rate a particular school. When will it be on your site?
Thank you for your suggestion. As soon as we receive a recommendation, we contact the school offering to rate them. As soon as a school accepts our offer, submits to the detailed process we have for rating and a rating is granted, the name of that school will be added to the list
What does it mean when the school I’m looking for isn’t listed on your site?
It means that the school you are looking for has not been granted a rating by WEF – either the school has not become a part of the process or has not completed the process yet. If you know that a school has not become a part of the WEF process, please recommend their name to us and we will get in touch with them. Click here to recommend a school

Questions from schools

Which schools do you certify?
We certify all kindergarten, primary, elementary and high schools across India.
Why should I seek certification from WEF?
Some of the benefits of WEF certification include:
a.       Use of WEF logo – a mark of quality
b.      Recognition of competence and capability - ability to clearly articulate value to students, parents and differentiate from competition
c.       Provide easy visibility and metrics to school boards, attract funding agencies
d.      Identify and focus on the areas of investment that matter to the students and parents, instead of needing to respond to competition
How can I get WEF to certify my school? What are the terms and conditions for the certification?
Please contact WEF by clicking here (link). Our field representative will be in touch with you soon.
Can I suggest changes in the WEF certification criteria?
Yes, you can suggest changes in the criteria. These will be referred to our panel of experts for review and if accepted, the changes will be incorporated.
How can I lodge a complaint for deficiency in service?
For any complaints pertaining to the ratings of schools, please write to us at contact us at [email protected]

Questions about WEF

What is WEF’s mission?
WEF’s mission is to provide a common, transparent and comprehensive platform to evaluate schools. In this regard, WEF conducts independent and comprehensive assessment of member-schools; covering quality of teaching-staff, infrastructure, academic results and social engagement of schools and being accountable to parents, school-boards and funding-agencies.
How is WEF funded?
WEF charges member schools a nominal fee for evaluating and rating their application. Apart from this, we are dependent on philanthropic individuals and corporates
How can I help WEF?
If you are an individual donor, you can support WEF by either donating money (read the ‘Donate Money’ section for more information) or by telling your friends and colleagues about us.
If you represent a foundation or a corporation, the best way you can support our work is to not only tell a friends about us, but to contact us to discuss ways we can develop partnerships so we can maximize out efforts.
How can I contact WEF?
Click here to contact us.
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