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Technical Committees

WEF ratings evaluate schools across five broad performance-areas; Academic Excellence, Infrastructure, Awards & Affiliations, Community Engagement and Institution Building. Each of these performance-areas is supported by a technical committee whose role is to:

  • Determine global standards for each area.
  • Translate such standard/s into parameters for school evaluation and ensure periodic review and updation of the rating algorithm.
  • Publish clear guidelines for schools and boards that ensure absolute transparency on ratings and certifications.
  • Collaborate with education boards, universities and other global bodies to continuously evolve global education standards.
  • Understand and publish best practices from each region to cross pollinate ideas across the globe.

The technical committee is composed of eminent educators, thought leaders and globally prominent social activists. Together, these advisors have vast experience and expertise in education, accountability and outcome measurement. The members of the technical committees are also our sounding board as we endeavour to expand and improve our system of rating schools in specific, and the education ecosystem in general.

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