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The WEF Rating Scale

The WEF rating scale consists of two components:

The School’s Outlook and Alignment

  • Gold Standard: Applicable for schools with a national or international outlook evidenced through accreditation from national or international bodies and boards.
  • Silver Standard: Applicable to schools with regional or local alignment catering to region-specific needs of parents and students.

The Schools Qualitative Performance

  • 7 stars: Outstanding school that provides the best-of-breed class of education and infrastructure. A hallmark of quality in the education space.
  • 6 stars: Excellent school that provides holistic learning and a nurturing environment for children to grow into their full potential.
  • 5 stars: Good school that has displayed focus on key areas of education and infrastructure.
  • 4 stars: Good school , with potential for developing in some areas.
  • 3 star: Acceptable school that delivers learning and has potential to improve on many performance parameters.
  • 1 & 2 stars: School that go through WEF assessment however do not meet the basic minimum criteria on various parameters and has potential to improve on many performance parameters.

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