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Vision 2020

Reports published by various UN agencies and think-tanks have highlighted the need to greater transparency, accountability and support to the educational infrastructure in developing nations across Africa, South and South-East Asia and Latin America.

Through its Vision 2020 initiative, the World Education Foundation, UK will provide and sponsor transparency and accountability to education industry stakeholders through its intensive and comprehensive assessments and engagements. Such measures, among others, include:

  • Grants and subsidies to schools in developing countries;
  • Scholarship and financial aid to deserving students, or children with different abilities;
  • Sponsorship of fundamental and social research in the areas of education, with specific focus on resource-lean methods of education; and
  • Capability-Building initiatives in Africa, South and South-East Asia and Latin America.

WEF’s pilot program in India endeavours to apply the well-established global model into a relatively new, untested and unstructured ecosystem. Working closely with schools, educational boards, agencies and organizations, WEF will test the acceptability and percolability of such standards into the Indian educational system.

Schools, Non-Governmental agencies and Donors are welcome to leverage our resources to make better-informed funding and growth decisions for schools and educational institutions.

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