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Published: 2021-07-24 11:25:06
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Egyptian Love Potentiality Love Poetry The Egyptian love Story In are text was very Interesting, It’s about a brother and sister love for each other. Even though there love for each other Is more than an ordinary brother and sister love, it more like a couple falling in love. Personally, find it to be very weird for a brother to be describing the site of his sister has his heart filled with joy and his heart is as happy in my breast as a red fish swimming in its pond.
Just by eating that section of the poem you can tell these two are madly in love with each other. Plus, further along the text he states “O, night, you are mine forever, since my sister has come In love to me” In other word these two have reach the next chapter of their romance to a sexual level. In today society people would consider this to be incest, which is definitely disgusting. People with close relations shouldn’t be having any sexual relationship. But if you get past the incest in this poem you can relate to this love story in today society.
For this story to be created back in early Egyptian times it’s really similar to poems and books that we have today. Today we have thousands of romance poetry that talks about the love or loss or both. Also, they all attempt to capture mood and express the presence of the love and losses In the stories. For example, a story about first love will describe a boy that sees a young beautiful girl and immediately falls in love with her the first time he sets eyes on her. This kind of poetry will set a scene and mood in the beginning of the poem, then later n describe the over whelming emotions of love shared between the two.
Pretty much no matter what era you’re In, love is always going to be love. Even if it’s really wrong and has to be hidden from others. Anyone relate to any old or new love poetry. The Egyptian love poetry wouldn’t have be accepted In today society because It between a brother and sister over powering love that’s unusual for a brother and sister. But at the end of the day it’s still showing the passion these to two young people share and describing their love and keeping it a secret.

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