Epic Poetry And Beowulf Essay Thesis

Published: 2021-07-19 00:35:06
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Though similar there are any differences between the two, where the most recent movie makes the poem easier for us to understand today the written poem is considerably hard to understand and follow, this is because of the difference of the time in which it was written and the extensive language changes that has occurred since. The beginning of the movie starts with the loud and Joyous party in Horror Hall that depicts everyone as drunk, loud, and gorging on food which ends with the monster Greened killing a massive amount of the people in attendance (Beowulf).
The pick poem begins with a prelude to Beowulf, his birth, and birth rite and was written somewhere between c. 700 and 1025 and no one knows who the author may be (Anonymous). When this poem was written it was most likely a play as well. During the early times these stories was written to either play out or to be read to an audience. It would have been considered the same as what is known today as theater.
To begin with some of the differences the poem states that Beowulf returns home to Seats In Greenland to become king of his uncle’s kingdom, but In the movie it orators that he stayed in Danes a kingdom in Denmark to rule over Hoarder’s kingdom due to Hoarder’s suicide (Beowulf & Anonymous). In the poem Beowulf kills Grenade’s mother and moves on, but in the movie they mated and produced a dragon male off spring (Beowulf & Anonymous). The mating and the producing of a male offspring was a way to make It Interesting and to Increase the amount of tickets sold. The original version may not have drawn In the movie goers as would adding sex.
Beowulf funeral was another difference that was spotted. The movie did not how that his death as a result of the correct battle. The movie shows that Beowulf dies after fighting the male offspring dragon that was created by his indiscretion with Grenade’s mother (Beowulf). The poem states that his death occurs after the battle with Grenade’s mother, which he sustained fatal wounds (Anonymous). After death in both versions It did show he was cremated, which was very popular In those days (Beowulf &Anonymous). The poem does talk of drink and merriment, but the movie portrayed Warthogs as a womankind drunk (Beowulf & Anonymous).
There were several ways that the movie and the poem were similar also. The clothes that the movie suggests was worn by the animated characters are relatable to what would have been worn in the time the poem was written. The poem and movie The arrogance of Beowulf was present in both the poem and movie for Beowulf it was all about the glory in both the written version and the upstaged movie (Beowulf & Anonymous). The way that Beowulf killed the monster Greened was the same in each version; hence the lack of protective armor and no weapon during the fight (Beowulf & Anonymous).
Even with all the similarities the differences do however stand out, such as how the movie makes it easier for people today to understand the poem that is relatively hard to follow. The story line was the same even though the movie changed not only the order of events that led to Beowulf death, which after viewing the movie it was evident in the search for it that there are sequels to Beowulf (Beowulf). The wording of the poem takes you back to the time in which it was written as to where the movie gives a more up to date version of the 1500 year old manuscript.

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