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Published: 2021-07-27 02:25:07
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The creation of music can be a very difficult process. There are several styles of music and the process for creating each style is different. However, the basis of each music piece is the same. At least one person creates the sound of music for the instrument(s) used in the piece. This can take quite some time because each piece must have rhythm, melody, and harmony; all of which must be completely in sync. Once this step is completed, the musical piece is either finished or lyrics are added.
Rhythm Rhythm is not Just a part of music; it is a part of life. It can be seen in the cycles of ay and night, different seasons, oceanic tides, breathing, walking, and heartbeats (Examine, 2008). In music, rhythm is the flow during the length off musical piece. There are several aspects of rhythm including beat, meter, and accent. A beat is a regular pulsation that separates music into equal units of time; a meter is a group of organized beats; and an accent is an emphasized note which is noticed when it is played much louder than the other notes (Examine, 2008).
These aspects are used to create the rhythm, which is the basis of every musical piece. Melody Melody is considered to be the most memorable part of a musical piece after it as been listened to. Melody is easier to recognize than to define, but it is known to be a series of single tones that begins, moves, and ends (Examine, 2008). It also has shape, direction, and continuity with a movement of pitches that shows tension, release, expectation, and arrival (Examine, 2008).
Its movements are either steps, which are small intervals, or leaps, which are large intervals. Several melodies are composed in smaller parts that are known as phrases which have similar pitch and rhythm that assists in the unification off melody. Every melody is used to give a musical piece life, and to assist in making the piece memorable. Harmony By drub the musical piece. A lot of music in western culture is a blend of harmony and melody. Harmony is a reference to the construction of chords and how they follow each other (Examine, 2008).
A chord is the combination of at least three tones that sound at once which is different from a melody which is a series of individual tones that are played one after the other. Harmony is used in conjunction with a melody to add emphasis, surprise, suspense, or finality (Examine, 2008). Conclusion The creation off musical piece takes time and effort. Rhythm is used as the basis of every piece. It shows the sound of the piece and assists in bringing it to life by using beats, meters, and accents.
Melodies are used to make the song memorable. It has shape, direction, and continuity by using a movement of pitches. Once the melody is created, musicians can harmonize it by adding depth, support, and richness. This is conducted by constructing chords. Rhythm, melody, and harmony are used in conjunction to create music that is heard today. They all have their differences, but without them, music would not exist. References Examine, R. (2008). Music: An appreciation. Retrieved from http:// campus. Phoenix. Due

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