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Published: 2021-07-31 02:00:08
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Three years ago when I was fourteen and a sophomore, I encountered health issues and I could not go to school anymore. Since they could not cure it in my country, I went to Brussels where they found what I had and gave me a prescription. Then I went back to school, however I had a lot to catch up on. It was a hard time for me emotionally and I attached myself to friends that gave me this emotional comfort, however some of them were not of good influences. They affected me greatly that I let them passed before my studies. Then, my parents decided to end me away from home so I could clear my head and get back on track without my agreement.
At first, I decided to make them live hell as I thought I used to live here. I rebelled myself even more because I was separated not only from my friends but also my family and in my heart I felt that I should punish them for what they did to me. Until one day after seeing my grades my parents and my brother talked to me. My brother has always been a big influence in my life. I always listen to what he tells me. He told that being where I am today is not given to many brighter kids than I am in Africa. Many kids have always dreamed about going to school even for 1 year just to feel how it is.
And I was here in a great country, but I did not even work as hard as I should have worked. Also, so many good people around me at my new school talked to me, especially my mentor. He gave so many advices and he even told me part of his high school experience. He was not the kind of super hard worker and he had regretted that for so many years. Then, I realized that I was being even more immature than I was when I came here. Then I decided that I should have at least try to be the best of myself. When I put things straight in my head, I started my new life in the United States.
Since I did not please either my parents or I with my grades, I worked harder to make them better. Absolutely, I wanted to make this new place my new home in a certain way. I wanted to have more friends and feel free to talk to everyone. So, I started talking to more people that I did not expect them to be so nice. I also tried to go around campus a lot more since I was always in my room and I only American person I talked to was my roommate. Also, part of the American culture is to be good at sports. I have never done sports before in my country so it was a little be harder to manage but I got so much better than I used to be.
Since then, I had promised myself that nothing could be more important than my studies in life. Being away from home helped me a lot more than I thought it would have. This experiences made me stronger not only emotionally but also physically. Also, making my parents proud of me allowed us to have a better relationship. I could not have been here if I did not have great people that surrounds me in my life. I will never be grateful enough for what my parents have done for me to come here. I passed two great years here and I am looking forward what the United States is reserving for me.

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