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Published: 2021-07-15 04:10:06
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There once was a little boy that grew up in the Brooklyn projects. He wasextremely poor. Some how he managed to have some of the better things of lifelike a treadmill and an obsolete computer from the 80’s.
His life long dreamwas to own a $650 Lead Zeppelin remote controlled blimp. He asked his parentsevery year for six years if he could have it and every time they would say nothey couldn’t afford it. So on the boys fourteenth birthday he went andapplied for a job at the local Nathaniel’s. After talking to the manager Steveand getting the job he ran home and told his parents that he started the jobtomorrow. The next day the when he got to work he looked around and noticedSteve was gone.
He asked another worker where Steve was. The worker responded hewas fired for being too stupid. The boy laughed and returned back to work. Afterweeks of hard work he finally made $600 of the $650 he needed for the blimp.
Onhis way home one day he noticed a new store. He read the stores name “IraqiPete Discount plutonium and models”. So only being human he walked in to lookaround. The moment he walked in he was surrounded be a green glow that was sobright it would put a helicopter’s searchlights to shame. After his eyesadjusted to the glow he saw the storeowner eating pineapples and watching TV inblack and white.
The owner of the store heard the door shut and went to the boyand said hello. The boy being polite said hello as well. The owner asked ifthere was a certain item he was looking for. The boy asked if he had a LedZeppelin remote control blimp.
The man said yes we do right there in the corner. So the boy thanked him and walked to the corner and his eyes lit up brighterthan the radiation from the plutonium. It was the blimp for $600 tax-free. Theboy asked if the blimp was really $600 the owner said yes why wouldn’t it be. The boy grabbed it, bought it, and left the store. Quickly he ran home and sawhis father.
Daddy, daddy he said look what I bought. The father yelled shut up. I just worked double time triple time at the hospital I need coffee and sleep. Not affected by his father’s routine yelling the boy went to his 5th storywindow and read the directions and then started the blimp. The sound of theengine thrilled the boy. Now the time had come for the first flight the boy flewit out the window and outside where everyone could see it.
He was having thetime of his life until it happened. The blimp for no apparent reason went putt,putt and started on its first and last decent. Crashing into the courtyard in aloud flaming mess the boy almost passed out. He ran down the stairs fast to seehow bad the damage was. It was totaled the blimp would never fly again.
Hestarted to cry when he noticed something he didn’t smell gas. He dipped hisfinger in the gas tank and tasted it. It was watered down desil he was swindledby Pete. Angry, sad and confused he ran back to the store he walked in screamingand crying. Then all of a sudden he noticed something there where ten INS agentsin Pete’s store.
He also saw Pete in handcuffs. One of the agents saw him andquickly took him out of the store and drove him home. When he got home the boywalked slowly up the stairs like a lifeless zombie. When he finally got back tohis apartment he sat in front of the window and watched the birds thinking tohimself why couldn’t I have just waited. The moral of the story is if it seemsto good to be true it probably is.

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